Nanjing Shengdao Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Shengdao Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. is committed to the investment and development of the Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine industry. The main businesses are: traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy; traditional Chinese medicine massage, traditional Chinese acupuncture; massage health care; health care; medical investment management; . The company has obtained a total of about 7,000 acres of woodland in Jiangxi Province and Anhui Province as a base for Chinese herbal medicine planting and research and development. Nanjing Shengdao Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. is concerned about the health of the elderly. It is the president unit of the Anhui Provincial Society for the Elderly Health Culture. Inner Mongolia Lianye Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Shengdao TCM, and Shanghai Lianye Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Scientific and technological agricultural enterprises, using their own high-tech agricultural enterprises' technological advantages, have provided strong technical support for the large-scale cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines, and for the research and development, production and sales of Chinese herbal medicines.




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